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Norwich City

Sunday, 07-Jun-2020
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Bidding on the website

How to bid:

You can search for properties that meet your needs and see the full details of those properties. You can only bid for properties where you match the qualifying criteria.

Don't be worried about the word ‘Bid', you will not be parting with any money. All it means is that you are actively interested and wish to be considered for the property, or properties, you are applying for.

What you need to bid:

• Your housing register reference number

• Your date of birth


Type www.norwichhomeoptions.org.uk into the address bar of your Internet browser


Click the ‘Login/my account' option, then enter your housing register reference number and date of birth. At this stage your login will be confirmed and details of any current bids will be shown.


Click the ‘Property search' option. Select any search criteria that you require (for example you may wish to search for a particular size of property) and click search.


A list of properties matching your search criteria will be displayed. If you are eligible for a property an ‘Apply Now' button will be displayed. If you are not eligible then the reason you are not eligible to bid for the property will be displayed


Before you bid for a property you can click the 'show details' button.  This gives you further information on the home, its location and local facilities to help you make the best choice.


To bid on a property that you are interested in click the 'apply now' button.  The property details will be shown and you will be asked to confirm your bid.  A message will appear on the screen confirming that your bid has been successfully placed.



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