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Saturday, 04-Dec-2021
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Facts and Figures

This page provides you with useful facts and figures about the Norwich Home Options scheme.  The scheme has been running since 2007 as a partnership, and from April 2012 as Norwich City alone.

Home Options Facts

  • You DO have to bid for properties as Norwich City Council no longer operate housing waiting lists.
  • Properties are allocated primarily according to your need and not determined by how long you have been on the register.
  • It does not matter when you place your bid on a property during an advertising cycle as the final shortlist is not generated until the advertising cycle has closed.  Your position on the shortlist can change between your bid being placed and the advertising cycle being closed.
  • You can place two bids per cycle.  However - unless you are in emergency band - you do not need to use all of your bids, or even bid at all if there are no properties available that you are interested in bidding for. Please only bid for properties that you are genuinely interested in.
  • We receive, on average, 40 bids per property.

Norwich Home Options Figures

Unfortunately demand for social housing outweighs supply and this is a particular problem with certain types of property. Norwich Home Options aims to be as transparent as possible but is unable to provide individual feedback to applicants.  However a large amount of information is provided to enable all applicants to make informed choices about their housing options.


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