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Saturday, 04-Dec-2021
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Sheltered properties


Ryrie Court

Norwich Home Options offers a range of sheltered properties, including flats and bungalow schemes, across the Norwich city area.

Facilities available vary from scheme to scheme but the facilities available at a particular property will be shown in the property advert. All Sheltered properties are connected to Norwich community alarm services so that residents can get help in an emergency. All schemes have access to a support worker, who are able to support residents to maintain their independence; they also have access to sheltered housing officers who assist tenants with any housing and tenancy management issues. Some schemes have communal facilities that enable residents to participate in, or run scheme activities.

If you are interested in bidding for sheltered properties you must inform the Housing Options staff when you apply. Alternatively, if you are already registered with Norwich Home Options, please contact the Home Options team who will update your application. To qualify for a sheltered property you must have a support need, which will be assessed by the sheltered housing team at the point of offer. You must also meet the age criteria set by the council, which is normally a minimum age of over 60 years.

There are only a very small number of 2 bed sheltered properties.

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Click here for further information on Direct.gov.uk pension services.


Housing with Care

The Housing with Care scheme offers older people and those with disabilities to live as independently as possible, while enabling them to get the care they need.

Housing with Care schemes are made up of groups of independent flats within a large complex that offers community facilities such as a cafeteria, shop, gardens and hairdresser.

They are designed to enable tenants to maintain an independent tenancy, with the knowledge that high levels of care and support are available to meet needs 24 hours a day.

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