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Saturday, 04-Dec-2021
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Changes to housing benefit

WELFARE REFORMS – Do they Affect You?

Please be aware that the Government is planning on making changes to Housing Benefit in 2013. This means if you receive Housing Benefit and are of working age living in a council / housing association home that is larger than the Government says you need, you may lose part of your housing benefit and you may have to pay more for this property in future if the government continues with its plans.

You should therefore take this into consideration when you are accepting any offer of a property.

Click here if you think this may affect you.

Further information is available from the Department of Work and Pensions

If you are single and aged between 25 and 34 and renting from a private landlord from 1st January 2012 you will only be entitled to the shared room rate not the one bedroom rate and you will be expected to make up any shortfall in the rent. Consider carefully when bidding for or accepting an offer of accommodation of this type.

Information on Local Housing Allowance rates and Housing Benefit can be found on the Norwich City Council website

We will update this information as the proposed benefits changes become clearer. If you are concerned or would like to talk to someone about how these changes may affect you please contact our Income Management Team on 0344 980 3333.

For further information on government services, please click here.


Affordability - Costs to consider

Setting up your first home, or moving, is an expensive time.  We have created two leaflets for your information to help you look at and budget your finances:

Can I afford it?

Under 25 years old

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