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Norwich City

Wednesday, 24-Aug-2016






On the 21st June, the council took possession of 15 redeveloped one bed flats at Britannia Court, Marlpit, on the site of a former sheltered housing scheme.  This will be followed by a further 15 flats in July.  New build developments are unusual in terms of housing allocations, in the sense that they create high levels of availability in one area over a relatively short time period. With this in mind, our policy allows us to introduce a local lettings plan to ensure that we can respond to local housing need, whilst also achieving a balanced, strong and sustainable community. As such, the first block of 15 flats advertised at Britannia Court will be allocated to Home Options applicants according to the following local lettings plan:

7 flats will be allocated to current NELM (North Earlham, Larkman and Marlpit/Jex Road) residents or those that can evidence a strong family or work connection to the area.

About Norwich Home Options:

Social housing in Norwich is in extremely high demand and the council and other landlords need to ensure that their efforts and resources are focused on those in greatest genuine need of them.

Home Options policy is designed to enable the applicant to take responsibility for where they would like to live and to bid accordingly. In making this choice it is up to the applicant to decide which areas and property types they are prepared to consider and which would meet their housing need. As such, Home Options policy is that where an applicant has bid for and been offered five properties, which they have refused or failed to attend the viewing of, then their banding will be reviewed. If the refusals are considered by the Home Options team leader to be unreasonable or without grounds, then the Home Options application will be cancelled and no new application will be accepted for one year.

Benefit cap for under 35s

From April 2018, any new social housing tenancy started after April 2016 will have housing benefit or universal credit housing support limited to private sector local housing allowance rates. This is the cap applied to the eligible rent for housing benefit assessment 

It means that housing benefit or universal credit housing support for single people who are social housing tenants, under 35 years of age and without children, will be restricted to shared accommodation rates. This means they will only be able to claim the same amount of benefit as a private tenant is able to claim for a room in a shared house (This is £63.91 as at the current date). 

 On current figures, those under 35 living in a one bed flat, if eligible for full support with their housing costs, would face an average weekly shortfall of £6.90. If they are living in a two bedroom flat there will be an average shortfall of £12.71.

 All single applicants aged under 35 should be aware of this when bidding, particularly if considering bids for a two bedroom property.  

If you want to purchase a home of your own, but can't afford to buy on the open market, Help to Buy could be your way onto the property ladder. The Government has created the Help to Buy scheme to help you take your first steps into home ownership.

There are a number of Help to Buy products designed to make buying a home more affordable. You can buy a home using one of the home ownership options, or rent a home at less than the market rent, allowing you to save for a future deposit.

Do you know the consequences?

Whether you're late making mortgage payments, or cannot make them at all, not being able to meet your mortgage payments can have serious consequences. It is important to be aware of these consequences before taking on a mortgage.


How to use Home Options

Step 1 - Joining the Housing Register                                                 

Step 2 - Choosing and bidding

Step 3 - Offer of a property

Step 4 - Feedback                                                                                  

More Information on Home Options

To find out more about how Home Options works please access the Home Options Scheme Guide.

To access the Home Options Allocations Policy 2015 please click here 

To find out how to get help and assistance on the scheme please click here.





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