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Norwich City

Saturday, 04-Dec-2021
How to apply

How to apply

How to apply to Norwich Home Options

Call in at City Hall, and ask to speak to a housing advisor, or telephone 0344 980 3333.  Your housing needs will be discussed and the housing options available to you will be explained. 

Your housing needs will be assessed and the housing options available to you will be explained. 

Please note - The demand for social housing in the Norwich city area is extremely high and exceeds the supply of homes available. Hence, realistically, it is unlikely that you will be housed through the housing register if you are already adequately housed.  Wanting a home and needing a home are regarded as separate issues and your suitability for social housing will be accessed on your housing needs, not on your housing wants. 

Change of Circumstances
If your circumstances have changed you need to let us know as it may affect the way we contact you or your banding.  You can request a copy of a Change of Circumstances form from the Norwich Home Options team or you can complete an electronic version using the form below and return it by email.
Norwich City Council Change of Circumstances Form

To send the form electronically either save it to your own computer and email it from there or, once the document is open and you have completed the form, click on 'File' 'Send to' 'Mail Recipient (as attachment)' and send to the email address found on the form.



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