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Norwich City

Thursday, 06-May-2021
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Recent Lets

Recent Lets

The information provided here can be used to help you decide which properties to bid for, by giving you a better idea how popular a particular property or area is and how long you would normally have to wait. You can then decide whether to look for other types of property or areas where you may not have to wait as long.  You can also find more statistics about the scheme by clicking here.

The detail for each property advertised will only appear once the property has been let and the system updated by the Landlord.  The information will then appear under the week it was advertised.

The results for properties advertised between 04/09/2014 and 10/09/2014

Outcomes for CBL

Address Beds Property Type Band Effective Date Bids
Montgomery Close Chapel Break Bowthorpe Norwich NR5 9LL 2 House Gold 17/01/2014 125
Albermarle Road Norwich NR2 2EE 2 Flat Low Need 25/02/2013 12
St Leonards Road Norwich NR1 4JN 2 Flat Silver 15/10/2013 45
Gamewell Close Norwich NR1 2RP 2 Flat Silver 18/06/2014 53
Fugill Road Norwich NR7 9QY 1 Sheltered Bungalow Emergency 12/03/2014 34
Pippin Green Norwich NR4 7NG 2 Flat Silver 31/03/2014 23
Motum Road Norwich NR5 8EH 3 House Bronze 03/09/2014 10
Seaman Tower Norwich NR3 2NW 2 Tower Block Flat Bronze 19/09/2014 32
Half Mile Close Norwich NR3 2LW 2 Flat Silver 05/05/2013 24
Talbot Square Norwich NR3 3AN 2 Flat Gold 23/07/2014 27
Waddington Street Norwich NR2 4JX 1 Flat Gold 23/07/2014 75
Colman Road Norwich NR4 7HQ 3 House Gold 18/08/2014 57
Cranage Road Norwich NR1 2ND 3 House Emergency 01/09/2014 25
Sherbourne Place Norwich NR1 1QP 2 Flat Gold 02/09/2014 19
Northfields Norwich NR4 7ES 1 Flat Gold 10/09/2014 48
Bignold Road Norwich NR3 2QZ 3 House Silver 28/11/2013 23
Goldwell Road Norwich NR1 3PX 2 Flat Silver 29/08/2014 61
Paine Road Norwich NR7 9UN 2 Flat Silver 29/08/2014 21
Southwell Road Norwich NR1 3HU 1 Flat Silver 16/07/2014 64
Bishy Barnebee Way Bowthorpe Norwich Norfolk NR5 9HD 2 Bungalow Gold 08/05/2013 84
Wycliffe Road Norwich NR4 7DU 3 House Gold 16/04/2014 61
Knowland Grove Norwich NR5 8YD 2 Flat Gold 09/05/2014 17
Graham Square Norwich NR7 9QD 2 Maisonette Silver 11/04/2014 42
Marshall Road Norwich NR3 2SW 4 House Emergency 18/09/2014 34
Half Mile Road Norwich NR3 2RD 3 House Gold 27/02/2014 32
Foulgers Opening Ber Street Norwich NR1 3GE 2 Flat Gold 18/07/2014 38
Mousehold Street Norwich NR3 1PG 2 Flat Silver 08/08/2014 63
Cotman Fields Bishopgate Norwich NR1 4EN 1 Flat Bronze 28/08/2014 11
Lavengro Road Norwich NR3 4RU 1 Flat Silver 13/06/2014 38
William Mear Gardens Norwich NR1 4PD 1 Flat Silver 11/07/2014 42
Peto Court Stevenson Road Norwich NR5 8UQ 2 Bungalow Bronze 30/04/2014 2
Shipfield Sprowston Road Norwich NR3 4DU 1 Bedsit Silver 03/07/2014 37
Cotmanfields Bishopgate Norwich NR1 4EP 2 Flat Gold 18/07/2014 10
Chantry Road Norwich NR2 1RF 1 Flat Bronze 07/07/2014 47

Offers are not always made to the top person on the shortlist, to cater for exceptional situations (for example, local lettings policy)
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Social rented properties (council and housing association) are generally offered first to the bidders with a higher band and then the earliest registration date. However, in exceptional circumstances such as where the applicant has provided false information this may not be the case.

Please note. Some properties may only receive one bid.  This also happens when a property is used as per our direct lets policy and is allocated directly to applicants outside of the choice based lettings process (please see section 3.13 of the Home Options Policy available on the website). For example, where a customer’s home requires major building work and they need to be moved, the individual will be allocated directly to a suitable property.

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